"I Do" Hair For Weddings

"I Do" Hair For Weddings


Remember...all eyes are on the Bride....

Posted on June 22, 2009 at 3:33 PM

Beautiful dress, stunning hair...dry and flakey skin????


Truth be told, if you want your skin to look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day, it starts with your skincare routine. Yes, the canvass has to be flawless and your skincare routine will get you on your way. 

Is your dress strapless? Backless? It is imperative to make sure that you are paying attention to what kind of soaps and moisturizers you are using on your body as well. So many are worried about being tan.  Smooth and sexy skin is also key!  Include exfoliation and hydration into your daily routine and in 1 month your skin will be thanking you!! And so will your future husband :)


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