"I Do" Hair For Weddings

"I Do" Hair For Weddings


Photo Finish

Posted on August 19, 2009 at 10:20 AM

What bride does not want to look good in her photos???  PHOTOS are what last a lifetime!! Here are some tips and tricks that will make you look picture perfect!


Hire a pro to do your wedding make-up to ensure a flawless face.


Start with clean, moisturized skin! Moisturize your skin every day morning and night to condition your skin and keep it hydrated and looking soft and resiliant.


Foundation. There are so many types these days, find the one that works for you and on how much coverage you are looking for.  A tinted moisturizer (great for a sunkissed look), minerals, liquid or cream.


RELAX! When you are relaxed you will look glowing in your photos!! Stress adds to frown lines both around the mouth and eyes, who wants to see that in pictures!





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